Pattern How To: Denim Skirt

Do you have a basic skirt pattern?

Are you interested in the way  I easily made my denim skirt pattern?

O.k. - I want to share. :-)

Let me just mention: My english is not good to talk/write a lot. So I want to focus on clear grafic images.

You can do the same as me. Try out! Downloads in a smaller scale are provided. Follow the links under the pictures.

Here we go:
This ist my own basic skirt pattern. It is pattern I generated with the pattern maker program. Each other skirt sloper will work.

Download DINA4 (1:300): front, back

And then the Denim-Skirt pattern which turned out:

Download DINA4 (1:300): front, back

The shaped waistband developement.

Watch the upper part of the front:

Download Front Waist Part (enlarged): Front Waist

We have to separate our waist band. Cut along the dotted line!
Further we have to cut out the darts content.

Now close the darts by joining the cutted edges and the shaped waistband is completed.

Now it becomes more complicated and my english knowledge no longer suffice. Sorry for that but I hope the pics will speak for themselves.

The darts of the lower skirt part also will be concludet, respectively eleminated.

This is the Front. The black lines are the basic pattern lines and ther red ones are the modified skirt pattern lines.

And here ist the back part of the skirt pattern:

Do you recognize the shaded areas? These are the new arised darts which NOT will be sewn there. We have to take away their contend at another place   - please watch the curved arrowas in the pics:

I added the front- and back pocket detail as well as  the back joke. Now the completed Denim Skirt Pattern looks like this:

DOWNLOAD DINA4 (1:300): Front, Back

Im am really not sure if anyone is interested in a pattern making tutorial like this.

May be some of you is interested to try it that way.


The Draped Square

PDF download
smaller sizes
(784 KB)
german sizes:

Seam allowances are included! (1cm)


Twisted top

german size 42

german size: 42
Seam allowances are NOT included!
(607 KB)
(This pattern comes with long sleeves
and a waistband!)

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twisted tops


german size 42
seam allowances are NOT included

seam allowances are not included

Please pay attention: Here comes the front part pattern of the Lucretia wrap top in size 34-36. To cut the back part and the sleeves you might use the Lydia pattern from burdastyle or this Burda-Top pattern ,  like Julia did: http://sewinggalaxy.blogspot.de/2012/12/sewing-galaxy-testet-shirt-schnitte.html . Another possibility would be your own closed fitting top pattern, if present.

finished Lucretia-version from Julia